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Re: [tlug] dell inspiron & linux

>>I will give it a try as soon as SuSE 9.1 (dualboot with WinXP Pro) is available in Japan.

>SuSE 9.0 already works with WinXP-Pro as a dual boot!  I have a 20GB-HDD 
>test computer (Dell Dimension C - Japan-only model OEM-made by Acer - 
>terrrible design!) that I had WinXP Pro on - taking up the whole drive.  

I know but why should I buy an "old" version when the new one is lurking around the corner.
9.1 will be available soon, I guess.

Meanwhile, I tried the 9.1 LiveCD.
The only error message with my Dell Dimension 8200 was that a PCMIA card was not detected.
The reason is probably that there is no such card in that computer. :-)


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