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Re: [tlug] Is Linux Helping MS to make Windows better?

>>>>> "Botond" == Botond Botyanszki <> writes:

    Botond> They are trying to hack those features into an already
    Botond> screwed platform and the end result is an exponential rise
    Botond> in bugs and security flaws.

Oh, stop the FUD.  NT was a multiuser, multitasking system from the
get-go.  The original design was actually pretty good, so I have heard
from fairly reliable sources, and NT _did_ get an Orange Book C2
rating for security from the DoD.  That's not easy; it's as high as it
goes on commercial-spec hardware.

The problem with the platform is that the _applications_ and the
infrastructure libraries don't use the security features, and often
they are disabled by default, to improve "convenience" and
"efficiency."  Of course security problems and instability follow
Microsoft the way syphilis follows a pimp!

I don't really contest your conclusion (that the platform is and will
continue to be screwed), but if users (by which I mean the CIOs who
make purchasing decisions) wise up, it's anybody's guess how long it
will take Microsoft to shape up.  I will predict that it will be
sufficiently fast that 90% of Slashdaughters will turn their pink
frillies brown.

    Botond> Remember the claim on how stable XP and (other NT
    Botond> derivatives) are? That's a lie, windows support staff in
    Botond> companies with many production machines running windows
    Botond> have a hell of a time these days. I feel sorry for you.

Actually, from what I hear from the XEmacs developers who work on
Windows, Windows NT and Windows 2000 are now quite stable.  But those
same people haven't yet got to work on the many bugs we experience on
Windows XP for the simple reason that their employers refuse to give
them Windows XP to work on.  (That's the state as of 6 months ago; I
suspect the reason I don't hear from those guys recently is because
they've finally upgraded and spend all their time putting out fires.

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