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Re: [tlug] Google-Banzai! Google-Banzai! Google-Banzai!!!

Quoth Stephen J. Turnbull:

>>>>>> "Josh" == Josh Glover <> writes:
>     Josh> Yes, Google is overrated for a very good reason. ;)
> 'Cause they're the only folks outside Echelon to use disk in units
> that would boggle Archimedes's "Sand Reckoner" just to cache pages,
> and you haven't even started on the indicies which are an order of
> magnitude larger?

Yes. :)

I do not often link /. here, since a lot of you read it already, but this
Guardian story is definitely on-topic:,12597,1210455,00.html

It is a bit tongue-in-cheek (being the Guardian and all), but the premise of
the article is to compare Google to some meatspace (or quasi-meatspace, keitai
figuring in heavily and all) search methods. A good five-minute read.

Josh Glover

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