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Re: [tlug] Google-Banzai! Google-Banzai! Google-Banzai!!! (Was DogPile)

Quoth Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon (Thu 2004-05-06 07:23:52PM +0900):

> Jonathan Byrne wrote:
> >Dogpile on the wabbit! Dogpile on the wabbit!
> >
> >:-)
> UUUuuuuu... the shame of the written word that one regrets - enshrined 
> on hard drives for all eternity.  UUUuuuuuu.......  I tried the advanced 
> settings of Google today... for the first time.  Ah, the shame of my 
> ignorance!!!

Yes, Google is overrated for a very good reason. ;)

Josh Glover

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