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[tlug] pricing on machine for sale

Thought I sent this last night (well this morning at 4AM), but it seems not.

Earlier I posted a note about a linux box for sale now that I have gotten a powerMac.

Here is an update:

After doing some research on the TWO TOP machine I want to sell (I bought it in December but threw out the receipts), I find the current selling price of a similar machine is in the area of 125-130,000

(Dex EX-3200NVN is similar to my specs, I just adjusted theirs downward to reflect my lower cpu speed and better video board)

I think main board on mine is Asustek..don't much about that as opposed to the Dex-Ex-3200NVN

Geoforce FX 5900
Pioneer DVD -RW
AMD ATHLON XP 3000+ (theirs is 3200)
Hard drive Maxtor 6y120mo (Says Scsi, but it is ATA according
to the salesman). 120 gb
Memory 1GB
Asustek Raid bus controller
Version Sept 2003

I will sell the machine for 95,000 or whatever the best offer is.

I am sure I paid quite a bit more, but that is depreciation..

The 19 inch display/TV from IO-DATA was about 70,000.
Prefer NOT to sell TV/display, but if requested, I will sell the combination for
155,000. or best offer

With Suse disk and installation


Paul Arenson

Paul Arenson
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