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[tlug] character input q's

Greets all,
 As a bit of a troll I'm awaiting the upcoming lowdown on dvd
burning and whatnot.
In the meantime here's some q's that may or may not have
some easy answers.
(These are based on my current setup of jp107keyboard/canna/kinput2)
1) "Natural" input of characters. I know it can be done
rather exhaustively by during modmap's of keys to romaji
strings ie hitting one key would then produce a character.
Is there an easier way of doing this to take advantage of
the jp-10x keyboard? Anthy maybe??
2) Incorrect character substitution in plain vs past-plain-negative/
volitional/potential etc forms of verbs
ie taberu vs tabenakatta or kau vs kawanakatta
If I type in taberu and hit space the correct kanji comes up
and all is happy - if I type in tabenakatta the word is not
recognized & I have to mess about with selecting the first
part of the word for conversion and tab through the kanji.
Incredibly painful and slow.
Is there a better way?? I thought canna was the bee's knees!
3) Last one! kon/2 - how can you do input off the console
(kinput isn't an option here?? ) and why for cryin out loud
does it always default to that obscure svga setting? Is there
a simple superprobe or something to get those video mode
settings easily?
Any help I would greatly appreciate it!!
thanks again,

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