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Re: [tlug] VPN appliance and network connection suggestions?

On Thu, Mar 13, 2003 at 10:59:38PM -0600, Sven Simon wrote:

>I've been looking at some Watchguard and Netscreen devices to form
>VPN connections between our sites and I can't really make up my
>mind as to which one to choose. 
>Does anyone have experience with eighter of these products? 

With Netscreen, yes.  My thumbnail sketch: in their attempt to
make everything easier, they wind up making everything a lot
harder than it needs to be.  Gimme a Pix, thanks.  Or
even just a regular old Cisco router.

Take a look at Watchguard, and also check out Allied Telesyn's
appliances.  I haven't used them (yet), but AT aims at
a CLI that will be comfortable to people with Cisco experience.

There's a good review of a Netscreen 5 somewhere, I'll try to
find it.  One thing Netscreen does do well (they said) is it
has relatively good interoperability with competing products.

All this talk of FTTH makes me absolutely green with envy as
I sit here on my 56K dialup in HCMC.  At least I have a Courier, but
that's a big step down from the ISDN leased line I had in my house
before :-P


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