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Re: [tlug] linux/ms web page problem

On Sun, Jun 30, 2002 at 05:48:28AM +0900, Eric O. Flores wrote:

> I used to do that quite a long time ago but not anymore.  The amount of
> information to put on a page and styles that need to be shown are best
> laid out using an special HTML coding software such as Front Page or
> Publisher for easing up the work.  I don't want to spend a few days or
> up to a week messing around with a page or a few pages when I have
> someone behind my back demanding the page is be done a at certain time
> and hour.

Many people feel more productive using GUI tools. But if you care about
producing standards-compliant, cross-browser HTML, I don't see how
you're going to save much time using Front Page & friends. Because
someone's going to have to come in and clean it up afterwards. It's not
even a Windows-vs.-Linux issue, it's an Internet-Explorer-vs.-all-other- 
browsers issue. Of course, your employers sound like the kind of people
who think it's okay for a website to say "Fuck you if you don't use IE,"
in which case they're not going to see a need for cleaning up anything
or considering different tools. Too bad for you.

I could start in again about how a skilled vi or Emacs user can code
rings around most Front Page users, but I think everything that can be
said on that subject is in the archives of this mailing list.

Matt Gushee
Englewood, Colorado, USA

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