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[tlug] Re: linux/ms web page problem wrote:

> Use to validate your page and complain to the
> manufacturer of publisher/front page for not complying to standards.
> Then fix the errors by hand.

Yes, that's always a good idea. A friend of mine recently finished a
project (and got a very good grade on it), but when I tried to view it
in galeon it just said "You need IE5". He said to me that's because he
tried it in mozilla, but it would screw up with tables and stylesheets.
I bypassed the Browsercheck and found that it would not even display the
images, but the javascript worked fine with galeon. Then I looked at the
source and found he was using \ instead of / as path separator in all
image links (Doh!). I fed his style sheet to the w3c validator and got
tons of parse errors. He used "_" in his identifiers, but only [a-zA-Z]*
is allowed. (He also used html-style comments instead of c-style
After fixing these errors the site displays fine in galeon.
I pointed out the bugs to him and gave him links to the validators and he
said their book about css did not mention this...

Original site (He will hopefully fix it up in a week or two):
Munched site (Using a script that connects to the original URL and does
some search & replace, also using a corrected style sheet):

Tobias								PGP: 0x9AC7E0BC
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unnoticed by Sakura.

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