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Re: [tlug] remote

Matt Doughty wrote:
> The actual ssh is build from the ground up with supporting both protocols in
> mind.  OpenSSH is a project that took the old ssh source, and tried to retrofit/
> hack the ssh2 protocol support into it. Its a hack plain and simple.


> It was just a matter of time before OpenSSH started showing its roots.

I agree with you, but as I have a vested interest in seeing OpenSSH 
improve, I am going to move rolling up my sleeves and joining the 
development effort higher up on my list of priorities.

I believe in Open Source, and I think it is time that I put my money 
where my mouth is and stopped simply reaping the benefits without 
assuming any real responsibility for the quality of the code that I use 
so heavily and of which I have such high expectations.

This is not at all a flame, Matt. I am just stating what I feel I should 
do, not trying to impose my opinions on you or anyone else.

You have extremely valid points about the design of OpenSSH, and I want 
to get in there and see what is being done about it.

Josh Glover <>

Associate Systems Administrator

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