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[tlug] Re: new computer configuration

On Thu, Jun 27, 2002 at 11:44:51AM -0400, Josh Glover wrote:
> B0Ti wrote:
> > Josh Glover wrote:
> > 
> > 
> > He starts the thread asking:
> > 
> >>nitin kakkar wrote:
> > 
> > "He wants  Linux (RH 7.2), Win 98 and capability to have more one os like
> > Sun Os, Free BSB or XP (just to play around for a while,
> > he wants to change this from time to time )"
> > 
> > Later on Scott Robbins writes:
> > "Both of these will probably have to be primary partitions,
> > I haven't installed either on a multiboot box in awhile ...."
> > 
> > Then in the email to which I replied as "A is wasted" he writes:
> > "2) The four primary partitions seems to be
> >       A) /boot ext3  for linux boots
> >       B)  Fat32 for windows
> >       C)  Fat32  : Data shared between Windows & linux
> >       D)  ext3 for linux /"

Hope it wasn't my fault about this misunderstanding.  I think ~I'm~ the
one who brought up four partitions, saying that he needs primaries for
Win98, FreeBSD and Solaris (the last two were ones that he said he would
like to play with at some point). 

Linux can have its boot partition on an extended. I ~think~ that XP can
also survive on an extended partition--haven't played with it that way
though, since it's the one I would install first, to avoid having it
clobber something.

So, I would think that he could, especially as he might want those
primary partitions later, put the /boot as a separate logical
drive--that is, in the extended partition, the hda5 have hda6 as /boot,
hda7 as swap hda8 as /.
The trouble is that there are so many possible combinations that we
can't write about all of them. For example why not combine B) and C).
Or, put C) the shared data drive, on an extended (which can be done in
either Windows or Linux.
Last question--How come I'm more tired than you guys, and it's only
12:30 pm here? :-(

Scott Robbins

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