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Re: [tlug] HELP cannot connect to the sound daemon

Mauro and Matt,

Now I know how can I make my sound card work, but,
what happen if I do both things......or do they have exactly same result and 
efficiency?  in that case, I would like to understand why?
Thank you,


From: Mauro Sauco <>
Subject: Re: [tlug] HELP cannot connect to the sound daemon
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 18:11:10 +0900

On Thursday 27 June 2002 06:00 pm, Matt Doughty wrote:

 > just so you know I believe the canonical way to add that service for RH
 > would be:
 > chkconfig --level 35 esd on
 > The reason Mauro suggested rc.local is because while it often isn't the
 > best solution it will work with just about any distro.

YEP!, also I know Martin still doesn't understand the /etc/rc  directory
hierarchy .. He just came from "M$ Windows world" to the "Real world" :-)
He have just been born ...


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