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Re: [tlug] new computer configuration

On Wed, Jun 26, 2002 at 11:49:57PM -0700, nitin kakkar wrote:
>  Thankyou so much for your responses. I think I should re state the requirements
>  A) We have licensed copies of Win98 & RH7.2. & some purchased softwares for Win98, so These two will be static partitions. I can upgrade to RH7.3 but I am not sure if it is that major improvement over 7.2.  A data partition will be shared between Linux & windows to have data files available in both OS's.

Well it is mostly bug fixes, and more stable versions of software. There is no compelling reason
to install 7.2 instead.

> B) One partition will be to playaround with other OS's (they will come and go & need not share data with others ).
> So basically what I need is
> 1) A boot loader to handle Multiple OS's  and one which shouldn't get messed upon other os installations. And Where should I put this in MBR ? or in first sector ot /boot

So it won't get stomped on by other OS installs?? try installing it on fd0 then.

> 2) The four primary partitions seems to be
>      A) /boot ext3  for linux boots
>       B)  Fat32 for windows
>       C)  Fat32  : Data shared between Windows & linux
>        D)  ext3 for linux /
>   So how do I create swap & partition for other OS's.
> For VMware,  may be we can consider it for our playaround OS , So which one should we keep our base os for VM ware windows or Linux.

Um. that is obviously OS dependent.  You are making a false assumption that you can approach all
other OSes like you do linux, and win98. This is not true, and that is why everyone was 
suggesting VMware. It allows you to play with whatever OS you want without have to play games
with your partition everytime you try a new one. The realistic answer to "how to prepare my
system to host random test OSes while protecting the base windows, and linux installs?" is 
properly relegated to RTFM because each case is going to be different.


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