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RE: [tlug] Apache: getting http and https (SSL) to work at the same time

On Tue, Jun 25, 2002 at 09:47:38AM +0900, James Cluff wrote:
> I have been having the same problem and am starting to feel like kind of
> stuck.
> apachectl startssl
> does absolutely nothing for me but give me a list of usage options startssl
> is not one of them.
> I am running Apache 1.3.22 also on RH 7.2
> OpenSSL 0.9.6b [engine] 9 Jul 2001
> I am pretty sure SSL is running correctly because I can access https from
> the local machine, however I cannot access it from any other machine.  I
> believe http.conf is also setup correctly.
> It is as if port 443 was being blocked by a router or firewall, but it would
> have to be on the local machine cause I have tried even using a cross over
> cable so nothing is between the host and the client only to get the same
> problem.  I am totally stuck, but I think it is probably something obvious I

Probably a stupid question, but your iptables or chains is allowing
port 443, correct?  (RH's default firewall blocks it by default).  If
that were the case, even a crossover cable connection would be

HTH (but I suspect it's something you already checked)

Scott Robbins

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