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Re: [tlug] Watching dvd in Linux

A.Sajjad Zaidi wrote:
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> On Fri, Jun 21, 2002 at 11:18:18AM -0400, Josh Glover wrote:
>>Mplayer sucks. Use vlc!
> But it supports the most number of formats. And its now fully GPL'd. I
> love it, although I admit I havent tried xine lately.

I have never used it, so

a) I would not know anything about its features, and
b) do not think that it sucks.

I was just playa-hatin' for the sake of being a bastard.

> Mplayer supports playing audio and video streams as well. You can even
> pipe a stream to it.

Excellent. It seems that I have been a bit remiss in not trying it out yet.

>>How is Mplayer in terms of stability and features (DVD menus, language 
>>and subtitle selection, etc), Jack?
> Im usually just interested in watching the DVD so dont look at the
> menus, but I think it supports them in GUI mode. The same goes for
> subtitles. The language can be chosen with a command line option.

Oh man! I live for the music videos, extra footage, outtakes, etc... ;)

Josh Glover <>

Associate Systems Administrator

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