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Re: [tlug] Apache config help

On Thu, 20 Jun 2002 17:50:08 +1000 (EST), Jim Breen wrote:
> That doesn't quite gel with what is in
>   "This directive specifies the name of the character set that will be added
>   to any response that does not have any parameter on the content type in the
>   HTTP headers. This will override any character set specified in the body of
>   the document via a META tag. A setting of AddDefaultCharset Off disables
>   this functionality. AddDefaultCharset On enables Apache's internal default
>   charset of iso-8859-1 as required by the directive."
> That's exactly what I'm seeing - the META tag being overridden and the 
> charset locked on iso-8859-1.
> Anyway, reading the above more carefully, and poking around with Google,
> I just made the problem go away. In WWWJDIC's output, intead of starting
> each page with: "Content-type: text/html" I have:
> "Content-type: text/html; charset=euc-jp".  That did the trick!

Thanks Jim.  I ran into this problem a few months ago, but I had no real
need to access the page, and the user was using IE which just "figures it
out".[1]  But, since you made the fix so accessible, I thought it would be 
poor form not to actually implement it.


[1]   Meaning IE cavalierly discards all information provided about the
charset if it feels like it.

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