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Re: [tlug] Running an Exec file with Cron

Charles Muller wrote:
> But "backups" runs fine from both regular user and SU. Very odd.

How are you running 'backups'? Are you doing '~/bin/backups' from the 
term, or invoking it like: 'bash ~/bin/backups'. If it is the latter, 
try 'chmod +x ~/bin/backups'. Now, in your crontab, put 'backups' in 
with its full path, a la '/home/chuck/bin/backups' and see if that 
works. Alternatively, you could just put the line '/bin/bash 
/home/chuck/bin/backups' in your crontab.

Sorry if you have already tried this, I could not be sure how you were 
invoking things from your previous emails.

Josh Glover <>

Associate Systems Administrator

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