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Re: [tlug] Running an Exec file with Cron

Charles Muller wrote:

> This also clarifies something that I needed to know, because I had read in
> one of the explanatory pages that some systems allowed the regular user to
> do crontab -e (and on my system, I can do it as regular user, and the file
> saves as usual in /etc, but it doesn't seem to run).

Is it really in /etc in your system (Redhat?)?  User crontabs go into
/var/spool under debian. System-wide cron jobs are in /etc/cron.*

> So if I can only run crontab as SU, then I guess that I should just have to

It will be run with the uid of the user who created to crontab, not as root. It
would be a huge sechole otherwise.

BTW, from the crontab manual:
       Although cron requires that each entry in a crontab end in
       a newline character, the neither the crontab  command  nor
       the  cron  daemon  will  detect  this  error. Instead, the
       crontab will appear load normally.  However,  the  command
       will  never  run.  The  best choice is to ensure that your
       crontab has a blank line at the end.

One possible reason for your disfunctional crontab.


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