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[tlug] Running an Exec file with Cron

One more on Cron (if I may--the man files for Cron and Crontab don't
give much detail aside from the internal file setup...).

I have Cron working fine where the Crontab file contains a column of tar
and copy commands. All are working correctly, on time.

But if I want, instead, to take this set of commands and put them in an
executable file called "backups", and then set Crontab with something

     * */1 * * * backups

It won't seem to run (though "backups" runs OK from a regular shell).

I also tried 

     * */1 * * * sh backups


     * */1 * * * /home/chuck/bin/backups

Is it the case that these commands will run only when contained in an
actual Crontab file?


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