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Re: [tlug] using unicode with lambda

>>>>> "Simon" == Simon Cozens <> writes:

    Simon> Stephen J. Turnbull:
    >> Write the necessary support for omega or lamdba, then use it.
    >> AFAIK neither Japanese nor Vietnamese are supported by omega.

    Simon> Are you sure? Apostolos Syropoulos has a new book on Omega
    Simon> coming out, and I'm pretty sure it covers Japanese at
    Simon> least. I'll check with a colleague on Monday.

Japanese, yes, AFAIK, Japanese encoded in Unicode, no.  All working
Omega support for Japanese I know of handles EUC via CJK.  Haven't
looked all that hard, I'll admit, but I did look---and ask John
Plaice, who said not that he knows of.  That was 18 months ago, though.

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