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[tlug] rebel cursor!

Hi tlugers.

Some time ago, I asked about a problem I had with my pointer. Apparently at a 
random time the icon of the pointer move almost 1 cm at the right, but the 
efective point of action stay at it's right place.
A  kind tluger (I forget who exactly) send me a link of a FAQ at In 
the FAQ the information was that it is a unknown phenomenon only in Trident 
cards. To solve the problem put "sw_cursor" entry at XF86Config file.
I have a trident card in the laptop in fact. I follow the instructions, but it 
still do the same. 
The only way to solve now the problem is to reboot. I tried to close the 
server, and restart it but nothing occurs. I tried to reconfigure the 
XF86Config file, but it still the same. The only way is to reboot at the 
I asked at trident and they said that do not have support for linux.

So my question is:
Are there some utility that reset in some way the video card, so I don't have 
to reboot? 

Thankyou in advance



-my personal web :-)

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