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Re: [tlug] Display for 1U server in data center

On Fri, 14 Jun 2002, Batara Kesuma wrote:

> Hi all,
> What kind of display do you usually use for your 1U server in data center?
> For example when your network is broken and the only way to access your
> server is by physically plug in a monitor and a keyboard to it. The normal
> 15" TFT is too big to carry around to the data center. Do you know where I
> can buy smaller TFT for server? And I also have a notebook, can I use the
> display on my notebook? Or any other suggestions? Please help, and thank
> you very much.
you can get TFT displays that come in 1U rackmount trays, they slide out then
pop up to give a key/monitor pair. You may also want to investigate VNC (or
other things along the same lines) to use the display over a lan connection.

If this is linux, you could append "console=ttyS0" to your boot arguments
which will let your serial port be the be the "display", obviously that wont
work for X.


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