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Re: [tlug] TLUG has become..?

>>>>> "shane" == shane eastwood <> writes:

    >> Further, Chris' attitude is at odds with what TLUG has become ...

    shane> How fascinating, what has TLUG become?

A place where answers to FAQs don't start, "First, get the source ..."
and continue by admitting that you didn't understand Linus's comments,
and wishing the OP better luck in "getting the bitch working, I

OK, few of us _ever_ traveled in circles where understanding Linus's
crypto-comments was the key to enlightenment, but there was a time
when even the newbies on TLUG hacked source (to shell scripts and /etc
config files at least) because that was the only way to get a working

Not that what TLUG has become is horrible, but some of us miss the old

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 My nostalgia for Icon makes me forget about any of the bad things.  I don't
have much nostalgia for Perl, so its faults I remember.  Scott Gilbert

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