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Re: [tlug] HowToStartOpenOfficeAfterInstall?

> > One more question.  With Mandrake, it automatically mounts the CD and
> > Windoz partitions, but with RedHat, while I stumbled onto how to mount
> > the CD once - I haven't been able to repeat it on another installation,
> > and I've never been able to access MicroMuck's home, the c: drive.
> man mount
> Your c drive is most likely of type vfat and also likely to be /dev/hda1, 
> but it's not my machine, so I can't say for sure.
> Your cdrom is likely to be /dev/hdc.
> man df
> man fdisk  (Look at the -l option)
> man dmesg
I add 
To add C drive, edit /etc/fstab.  To mount CD-ROM automatically, 

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