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Re: [tlug] Configuring MEW (Emacs/XEmacs)

>>>>> "CM" == Charles Muller <> writes:

    CM> After installing Red Hat 7.3, I was delighted to find out that a couple
    CM> of the major problems that I was having with Emacs and Xemacs in
    CM> Mandrake disappeared, most importantly XML validation and running Canna.

    CM> I was also able to send e-mail with MEW for the first time (in Emacs),
    CM> so I am encouraged to go further with trying to get MEW working
    CM> completely. So far I can't fetch mail in Emacs, and can't do either in
    CM> Xemacs. The first apparent problem I can see is that MEW (or
    CM> sendmail/fetchmail?) is automatically inserting my address as
    CM> "" when I try to send and receive. I was able
    CM> to correct this before sending in Emacs, but the error messages that I
    CM> get in general when sending and receiving all seem to point to this as
    CM> the problem.

Set this in your .emacs:

(setq user-mail-address "")

to have it insert the correct address in From: header.

    CM> I tried fetchmail from the command line with my correct mail address,
    CM> and it worked fine, so this must be basically working.

You can simply run fetchmail as daemon to retrieve mail:

$ fetchmail -d 300

to check email every 5 minutes. If you use VM (or gnus) as your mailer
inside emacs you can use POP virtual folders and have your mail
fetched by emacs itself. I'm using it at work, but emacs will usually
freeze for a while when checking mail, so I run another copy of emacs
just for email. Not very nice.

hope this helps

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