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Re: [tlug] using DHCP with Yahoo!BB--making the transition

On Wed, May 15, 2002 at 03:17:51PM +0000, shane eastwood wrote:
>Actually i have dhcpcd as well, it has all the addresses
associated with
>yahoo bb, but i keep getting the "host unknown" for any url
that is tried!!!

Jim Tittsler ">>" wrote:
>>That sounds like a different problem than the one I thought you
>>were having.  (Does that mean if you do
>>you can see a web page?)

Only on Windows :-|

If the problem is in resolving a host
>>name to an IP address, check the contents of your
>>/etc/resolv.conf file. It should contains lines similar to:
>>(If it doesn't, add them with a text editor.)

I couldnt locate this file: /etc/resolv.conf file, instead what came up was 

>>Start a shell, become root, and use the 'netconfig' command.

The 3 lines you mentioned are now a file. thanks.i used both Kate, and 

"hostname unknown" still pops up, even though 
comes up in a game`s "connect to server" address bar.Aswell as the other 
indicatprs at /etc/DHCP...' etc.

Is Anyone usiing YahooBB with Redhat 7.2? how did you get it to happen?

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