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Re: [tlug] viewing full hostname ins 'last'

On Fri, 7 Jun 2002, Jim Tittsler wrote:

> On Fri, Jun 07, 2002 at 04:24:09PM +0900, Nguyen Hung Vu wrote:
> > How can I view full hostname "" instead of trunted
> > ones like below?
> > 
> > bash$ last -10 vuhung
> [...]
> > sunos4.0
> Does SunOS's 'last' support the -a flag?  (It moves the hostname
> to the last column and won't truncate it.)

No, It does not while linux does. Here is the man page

bash$ man last

LAST(1)                  USER COMMANDS                    LAST(1)

     last - indicate last logins by user or terminal

     last [ -number ][ -f filename ] [ name...  ] [ tty...  ]

     last looks back in the wtmp file which  records  all  logins
     and  logouts for information about a user, a teletype or any
     group of users and teletypes.  Arguments  specify  names  of
     users  or  teletypes of interest.  Names of teletypes may be
     given fully or abbreviated.  For example last 0 is the  same
     as  lasttty0.  If multiple arguments are given, the informa-
     tion which applies to any of the arguments is printed.   For
     example  last root console would list all of ``root's'' ses-
     sions as well as all sessions on the console terminal.  last
     displays  the sessions of the specified users and teletypes,
     most recent first, indicating the times at which the session
     began,  the  duration of the session, and the teletype which
     the session took place on.  If the session is still continu-
     ing or was cut short by a reboot, last so indicates.

     The pseudo-user reboot logs in at  reboots  of  the  system,

          last reboot

     will give an indication of mean time between reboot.

     last with no arguments displays a record of all  logins  and
     logouts, in reverse order.

     If last is interrupted, it indicates how far the search  has
     progressed  in wtmp. If interrupted with a quit signal (gen-
     erated by a CTRL-\) last indicates how far  the  search  has
     progressed so far, and the search continues.

          limit the number of entries displayed to that specified
          by number.

     -f filename
          Use filename as the name of the accounting file instead
          of /var/adm/wtmp.

     /var/adm/wtmp       login data base


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