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Re: [tlug] MySQL vs Oracle

>From: ayako kato <>

Thanks! Seems Oracle is much slower than MySQL when it omes to ODBC calls. 
Though the MYSQL benchmarks page does mention that when not using ODBC but 
it's on API Oracle is much faster.

I'll see if I can find similar benchmarks for MySQL and Oracle using their 
own native API's. That would be the kind of comparisons I could show to the 
consultant and say "Oh yeah, these benchmarks don't back you up ..." ;)

>... so if you're going to counter-propose something, present your proposal
>NICELY to the management, and if your boss says otherwise despite your
>logical argument, then have his words in email so that your bum will be
>covered later on)

Luckily enough my bum is not on the line on this one. The boss just asked me 
to be at the meeting with the consultant for some other solution I am not 
involved in. The consultant had asked him I be there because "wouldn't it be 
nice and more efficient if your company went with just one DB solution? Why 
not get your other developper to scrap MySQL and use Oracle instead so we 
can all integrate well together?"

But when asked to back up assertions that Oracle was *so* much better he 
couldn't. Which made for having a nice civilized discussion difficult ...


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