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Re: [tlug] iso-2022-jp and shift-jis on IE and N6

> They appear to, yes. I am able to send iso-2022-jp mail to my i-mode
> (and have it rendered correctly), and outgoing mail from the i-mode
account is
> iso-2022-jp encoded. The original poster is probably confusing the
> requirement for web pages with email. It may very well be the case that
> DoCoMo's mail server and the i-mode keitai talk to each other in
> but who cares as long as they play nice with the rest of the world?

Well, I was just trying to sum up all the helpful posts that replied to my
original inquiry because I appreciate it when the originator of a thread
provides such a wrap-up.

So iso-2022-jp can be used for email sent to imode. That's good to know. If
I want a page to be visible to i-mode users, I must use shift-jis. That is
also great to know. Thank you.

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