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Re: [tlug] iso-2022-jp and shift-jis on IE and N6

[Micheal E Cooper ([tlug] iso-2022-jp and shift-jis on IE and N6) writes:]
>> Ok, so here are some tips in summary, understood thanks to Jim Breen, Tod
>> McQuillin, Stephen J. Turnbull, and Nguyen Hung Vu.
>> 1 -- EUC-JP is used usually on UNIX but shows up fine on IE, N6, and Opera.
>> 2 -- ISO-2022-JP / jis is the standard and should be preferred for most web
>> pages.

It is not "the standard". It is just one of several encapsulation schemes
for JIS X 0208, etc., and in some ways the least satisfactory.

WWW pages can be in any of the recognized Japanese code encapsulations
schemes, provided it is done correctly. I always use EUC, except in
the i-mode-oriented output of WWWJDIC.

>> 3 -- Shift-jis is crappy and inefficient but is the only usable charset for
>> mobile phones.
>> 4 -- Most mail should be in shift-jis to accomodate the mostly phone-based
>> Japanese e-mail users.

Wrong.  The standard, such as it is, for Japanese email is ISO-2022-JP.
If NTT/DoCoMo got it wrong, there's no need for everyone else to follow
them down that path.

I was under the impression that DoCoMo converted Japanese email text going
to i-mode phones. Does it?


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