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Re: dchp server question

[Jonathan Q <>] wrote

>I don't know jack about dhcp, so please factor that in when
>evaluating my answer  :-)  However:

Same for me so your answer is still appreciated!

>IN A  is a reference to a DNS A record.


>Now, we look down here and see:
> > PS Here's my dhcpd.conf file:
> > option domain-name-servers;
>GOL's nameservers are not authoritative for, yet
>you're telling your dhcpd that is the
>nameserver to talk to.  However, the authoritative nameservers
>for are:

I think I understand, but just for my personal education what is an 
"authoritative nameserver"?

>You're using a domain name that doesn't belong to you,
>and a nameserver that is not authoritative for that domain.
>Unintentional, I'm sure, but don't do that :-)

Very unintentional ... I didn't think that the domain I gave dhcpd was 
actually used for anything .... I'll take it out right now.

>If you eliminate those bogons (which you should do anyway)
>and it still doesn't work, then you know you have a problem
>with your dhcpd config.

Bogons gone, said erro gone too! What a coincidence. But now I get: resolver failed.

I guess this is a reference to being unable to resolve a DNS query for the ip? Is this important? Do I need to install some sort of local 
DNS server to fix this? (or maybe just a local DNS file?)

Thnaks for your help so far!


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