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Re: dchp server question

I don't know jack about dhcp, so please factor that in when
evaluating my answer  :-)  However:

Jean-Christian Imbeault ( wrote:

> 22:00:21 pc98150 dhcpd: if IN A doesn't exist add 21600 IN A 
> not authorized

IN A  is a reference to a DNS A record.

Now, we look down here and see:

> PS Here's my dhcpd.conf file:

> option domain-name-servers;

GOL's nameservers are not authoritative for, yet
you're telling your dhcpd that is the
nameserver to talk to.  However, the authoritative nameservers
for are:

Authoritative answers can be found from:  nameserver = NS2.NORLIGHT.NET.  nameserver = NS1.NORLIGHT.NET.  nameserver = MKEJOURNAL.JSINC.COM.
NS2.NORLIGHT.NET        internet address =
NS1.NORLIGHT.NET        internet address =
MKEJOURNAL.JSINC.COM    internet address =

Problem 2 - output of whois

Journal Communications, Inc. (JC2-DOM)
   333 W. State Street - P.O. Box 661
   Milwaukee, WI 53201

   Domain Name: JC.COM

   Administrative Contact:
      Host Master  (HM3-ORG)
      Host Master
      Journal Communcations, Inc
      333 W. State Street PO Box 661
      Milwaukee, WI 53201-0661
      Fax- 414-224-2305
   Technical Contact:
      Ulicki, Michael S  (MSU2)
      Norlight Telecommunications
      275 North Corporate Drive
      Brookfield, WI 53045-5818
      414) 792-7790
   Billing Contact:
      Massopust, Tom  (TM1512)
      Journal Communcations, Inc
      333 W. State Street PO Box 661
      Milwaukee, WI 53201-0661
      414-224-2251 (FAX) 414-224-2305

   Record last updated on 28-Dec-2000.
   Record expires on 22-Nov-2002.
   Record created on 21-Nov-1994.
   Database last updated on 29-Apr-2001 20:44:00 EDT.

   Domain servers in listed order:


You're using a domain name that doesn't belong to you, 
and a nameserver that is not authoritative for that domain.
Unintentional, I'm sure, but don't do that :-)

If you eliminate those bogons (which you should do anyway)
and it still doesn't work, then you know you have a problem
with your dhcpd config.


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