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Re: PS2 Linux

Hi all,

  I think not the all person signed on the page. But it's ok.;-)

In message <>you write:
> Yamagata Hiroo wrote:
> > Well, the petition seems to have worked!
> >

> > I wonder how usable it is, just a raw environment or what? And the display
> > seems to be VGA. Hmmm...

  X can be configured by software to display SVGA or something. I think
that it only depends on the frame buffer memory size, doesn't it?
Physical interface is VGA D-SUB just liken normal PCs.

> Thanks everybody for signing!
> (FYI: I am runngin the English page of the petition)

  Yeah, thank you, from me too. Yamagata-san or Tomita-san is more
appropriate person than us to maintain those pages... I received the
e-mail today which correct my bad English. ;-O

> The screen-shot makes it look like a normal workstation. Wonder how fast
> it is. My Dreamcast is autobuilding Debian packages most of the time and
> it takes about 1 hour to build GnuPG. Don't wand to even think about
> glibc and/or X.

  PS2 has 300MHz MIPS based chip. I think it corresponds celeron 400MHz
or so.

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