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Monitor modes in XF86 4.0x

Anybody know how to get them to be obeyed?

I want to do

    Mode "1024x768"
        DotClock 65.15
        HTimings 1024 1040 1136 1312
        VTimings  768  768  771  803 
        Flags    "+hsync" "+vsync"

in order to change the vertical position of the screen on my Gateway
notebook (yeah, the panel is autodetected, but ...).  (The only thing
that's different from the built-in (VESA standard?) default timings is
that last entry in VTimings, 795 -> 803.)

The log file clearly indicates that the server _is_ picking up the
Mode entry, it _is_ syntactically acceptable (a typo made the server
barf so I know it checks), and I _can_ set the timings with Keithley's
XVidtune, and get a sensible display.

But the server won't obey the mode spec.  I have to manually do
xvidtune every time I restart.  Suggestions?

NetBSD 1.5.1, X11R6.5.1 updated yesterday from CVS.

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