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Re: Setting Deafult Font Size in X

Jim Breen wrote:

> I can see the problem though, it's often easier in a big
> project to generate a set of Japanese patches than to go into battle in
> a foreign language (i.e. English) and convince the developers to make a
> heap of changes they will never use and probably can't even test.

That was accomplished with vim 6.0.  (Present alpha version 6.0ac,
considered not ready for beta yet, but nonetheless this has been done.  No
"j" version will be needed as far as I can tell, and I'm sure the Japanese
participants are making sure of that.)

> First we need (a) a revamp of the locale structures and rules so that
> I18N can really happen, and (b) a change of mind-set on the part of many
> open-source developers, who still live in a world where software is
> By_Americans_For_Americans, and I18N means supporting ISO-8859-1 at
> most.

Is Torvalds-san American already?  I know he got a job there by doing
something for pay instead of for free, but didn't hear about a change of

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