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Re: tar and directory information

Not all tars are created equal, so "Whose tar?" is important.
Gnu tar, the man page implies, does not do behave that way.
The -P switch, AKA --absolute-paths, is used if you don't
want to strip the leading / from paths. 

Take a look at man tar on your system and see if it says 
something different.


Hector Akamine ( wrote:

> Suppose I use tar to archive files in a directory /home/work/data:
> tar -zcvf data.tgz /home/work/data
> the reference to the directory /home/work/data is preserved, meaning
> that when I use tar -zxvf to restore the files in another directory, tar
> creates a directory /home/work/data in the current directory and puts
> the files in it. I want this not to happen (just to put the files and
> directories in the current directory). How can I do this?
> Thanks in advance
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