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Re: ADSL problems with LAN hub

Jean-Christian Imbeault ( wrote:

> Really cheap Corega hub. Don't think it's a switching hub. Didn;t think 

Corega hubs are fine, and Corega switches also work quite well.  Cisco
they ain't, but on the other hand, they only cost a few thousand
yen :-)

> there were any aisho problems either but the gol support wouldn't help (very 
> adamant about this) so I thought maybe it was because of interoperability 
> problems.

That is what's known as being "beyond the support boundaries."  
Support is provided for making one computer work.  If you want
to make more than one work, you aren't prohibited, but you do
have to go it alone.

> Had that one happen too but this hub has no little switches. *but* it does 
> have a special port called "Hub Cascade" which I plug the ADSL router into.

Plug the router into a normal socket.  The cascade socket is for 
connecting two hubs together with a straight cable (normally you
would need a crossover for that). 

The DSL router has DHCP on by default, right?  If so, then just
make sure both of your boxes are setup for DHCP and they should
see the router and the router should see them.



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