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Re: ADSL problems with LAN hub

Thanks for the advice ...

>I don't think there's much "Aisho" problems with hubs, unless they
>are switching hubs and such.

Really cheap Corega hub. Don't think it's a switching hub. Didn;t think 
there were any aisho problems either but the gol support wouldn't help (very 
adamant about this) so I thought maybe it was because of interoperability 

>Maybe this is too obvious and not really worth mentioning, but...

Nothing is too obvious. The obvious things are the things I always miss 
(obviously ... :)

>1. Is the Hub working? Can your 2 machines ping each other?  If so, it's 
>probably not the hub.

I can get the two PCs to see each other using windows networking. (only one 
PC has Linux). They can also ping each other if I give them static 

>2. Cables are also suspect, so try switching the Ethernet cables.

Tried ... no go.

>3. Also, sometimes sticking the cable into different sockets in the
>hub may do miracles.

Tried that too :)

>4. I'm embarrassed towrite this, but watch out for the tiny switches
>on the hub.

Had that one happen too but this hub has no little switches. *but* it does 
have a special port called "Hub Cascade" which I plug the ADSL router into.

>5. If all else fails, maybe you can stick another LAN card in one of
>your machines and have one machine do a firewall type of thing.

I might have to ... but that means doing some work ... I'm still new to 
Linux ....

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