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Re: ADSL: successfull setup

Jean-Christian Imbeault wrote:

> >On performances side : seems very good, so far. I've just downloaded >a big
> >file from an ftp site (in Japan) :150KBps peak, 130KBps average.
> This is where my gripe is. I can never get those speeds. GOL advertises
> "Speeds of up to 1.5Mbps downstream and 512Kbps upstream are possible". From
> your results you are only getting about 10% of what the maximum should be.
> (assuming 150KBps means 150kilobits/sec.)

I'm getting 150 KBps (kilobytes), which mean 150x8=1200kbps (kilobits), which
matches what's advertised (minus various headers, etc.)

the experience of listening to a 128kbps stream from a radio broacasted from
france is already very good. But seeing that it only uses a small part of my
bandwidth makes me feel even better :)

To reply to Shimpei, IP address on Internet side is dynamic. I don't know how
often it will change but I suspect not too much.
Also, since the adsl router uses NAT, I don't know how will it behave with
incoming connections (haven't tried).


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