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Re: ADSL: successfull setup

Since posted about his ADSL setup experience I wanted to 
give my two cents on my ADSL experience...

>I switched recently to an ADSL connection, and wanted to let you know >that 
>it was SO easy. I use eaccess (with GOL). the procedure was very >quick,

I agree with that full-heartedly! It really was a breeze. Under both Linux 
and Windows.

>after applying I received the router quickly. I was expecting to wait >a 
>few weeks before NTT could say ok, but no, it was ready!

Same here. My connection was up two days before NTT supposedly came and 
tested/installed the line. Make me wonder what NTT does and charges for ... 
and why it takes them so damned long to do it.

>On performances side : seems very good, so far. I've just downloaded >a big 
>file from an ftp site (in Japan) :150KBps peak, 130KBps average.

This is where my gripe is. I can never get those speeds. GOL advertises 
"Speeds of up to 1.5Mbps downstream and 512Kbps upstream are possible". From 
your results you are only getting about 10% of what the maximum should be. 
(assuming 150KBps means 150kilobits/sec.)

I have run my own speed tests using the tools at the following web-page and 
here are some results.

gives: 69.8/83.8/28.7 kilobytes/sec download
       18.6/35.4/7.8  kilobytes/sec upload

gives: 322/325, 419/160, 325/124 kilobits/sec dl/ul

This last site also lets you see the results of other people in the 
domain ( From those results you can see 
that gol/eaccess is actually pretty bad. It looks like Tokyo Metallic or 
catv are the best giving about 2-3 times the speed of eacess/gol.

I have heard that there are some tweaks for windows to make and ADSL 
connection perform better. Are there any such tweaks for Linux?

Also has anyone any experience using Tokyo Metallic with Linux?

For personal home use can anyone on this list recommend something that will 
work with Linux and gives better speeds. (and of course is in the ADSL/catv 
price range. I can't afford a T1 just yet :)

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