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Re: Linux mags in Japan

Josh Glover wrote:-

> Now, on to my question:
> I have noticed, looking around in bookstores, that there are
> several publications that apply to Linux, namely Unix User,
> Linux Japan, Linux User, and Unix Magazine. I have a copy of
> Linux User, and it looks like a good magazine, but I know
> nothing about the others, having only glanced at them
> briefly (my tachi-yomi technique is not as good as it should
> be!). So, what magazines and/or websites would you recommend
> for someone (me) who is looking to stay abreast of the Open
> Source (Free Software, if you'd rather, I mean Linux, GNU,
> BSD, and so on) movement in Japan?
> I ask because I have started a research project on the Open
> Source community in Japan (entitled tentatively "Nihon no
> Open Source Kakumei"). I will post more about this project
> to this list and elsewhere when I have it written up a
> little better.

Well, I reckon BSD Magazine is absolutely superb.  I also like Unix
Magazine, and have continued my subscription even after returning
to the U.K.  I couldn't continue my LM subscription or start a BSD
Magazine subscription over here since ASCII appear unwilling to allow
me to subscribe to those (probably something to do with the enclosed
CDs and not wanting to export encryption at a guess).  I would rate
LM third behind BM and UM.  I never thought much of Linux User or
Linux Japan or the others whose names I've forgotten (I was always
struck by how many mags there are in Japanese, they really started to
sprout towards the end of 1999, and how few there are in English).
I've just found a copy of "Tech Linux" on my bookshelf; some good
articles but not worth getting regularly I feel. 

I would rate BM and UM as better than any English language BSD or 
Linux magazine I've come across.

All just my opinion of course.


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