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Linux mags in Japan

I have a question, but first, I should introduce myself a
bit more formally to the list, I think.

I am Josh Glover, a junior at The College of William and
Mary in Virginia, USA. However, this year, I am studying
abroad at Kanazawa University (in Ishikawa-ken). Though I am
a computer science major, this year, I am studying only
Japanese language and culture. I have been taking Japanese
for three years now, but I am far from good at it.

Now, on to my question:

I have noticed, looking around in bookstores, that there are
several publications that apply to Linux, namely Unix User,
Linux Japan, Linux User, and Unix Magazine. I have a copy of
Linux User, and it looks like a good magazine, but I know
nothing about the others, having only glanced at them
briefly (my tachi-yomi technique is not as good as it should
be!). So, what magazines and/or websites would you recommend
for someone (me) who is looking to stay abreast of the Open
Source (Free Software, if you'd rather, I mean Linux, GNU,
BSD, and so on) movement in Japan?

I ask because I have started a research project on the Open
Source community in Japan (entitled tentatively "Nihon no
Open Source Kakumei"). I will post more about this project
to this list and elsewhere when I have it written up a
little better.


Josh Glover

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