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Gnome and kinput

I have been having a tough time getting Japanese input
working on my Linux box. I am running RH7.0 (the
English version, not JP) with glibc 2.2. I use Gnome
and the Sawfish (or is it Sawmill?) window manager. I
have canna and kinput installed, and I can input
Japanese just fine in kterm, but I cannot get things
working in a text editor. I would prefer to use emacs,
because I am most comfortable with it, but gedit would
also suffice. I have *inputMethod: kinput2 in my
.Xdefaults, but I have no idea how to switch input
methods. Shift+Space works in kterm.

Also, is there a way to setup kinput2 as an Emacs input
method? Or install any Japanese input method into
Emacs? Currently, when I try to switch input methods,
Emacs finds none.

I do have xemacs working with skk, but I hate xemacs,
and I do not know how to convert to kanji in skk, so
all I can do is hiragana.

Any help would be vastly appreciated. I have searched
through the mailing list a bit, but could not find the
info I need to solve my problems. If I should just
RTFM, I would appreciate a reference to some good
documentation. I am pretty familiar with Craig Ota's
docs, which are great, but his steps did not quite work
on my box.


Josh Glover

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