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Pine & reply-to [was: Re: "restarting" scsi]

On Fri, 22 Dec 2000, Tony Laszlo wrote:

> > Well it's a good thing then that I have the same login name on my
> > machine...
> > I set the user-domain option, so it should work now (before I just didn't
> > get what it's for)
> > What do I do if my login name is different ?
> Since you have the same login name on your machine, 
> I suggest that you use that when sending and 
> receiving mail. 
> But keep in mind that this is just an amateur's opinion. 

On my university account my username is different (td), but I suppose I
should just add the Reply-To field to the header there...
But I still would be interested in knowing how to set the From Header
field to a value different from my login name anyway ^__^.

something different:

Ahh, my linux box is working again. ^_^
Yesterday it 'hickuped' and decided to write a corrupt superblock onto the
filesystem, so I had a nice "operating system not found" message today

(I looked into it with a disk editor, somehow he decided to set the lowest
bit of every word... Maybe it really isn't a good idea to alwasy run the
latest development kernel on a production machine ^^;; )

I just had to complain to someone about that ^__^


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