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locales os encoding problem

hello. I have redhat 7.0 ja version installed and have found some weird things.

1. I use sylpheed for my mail and i had set it to send mail in jis code. But when it came mail, i couldnt read it. specially hiragana. I changed it to iso 2022 all worked fine. I am yet afraid if everyone can read it as well as me.
2. some programs seem to have sor of this problem too. specifically gjiten. when i open it its all in english even though i have my environment variables, ok no problem with it.
bun when i use the kanjidic, all registers that says something about the kanji (encoding, index, etc) appears as question marks "????". Might me something similar?
a listing of a directory with filenames written in japanese also appears the same way unless i cat it or set the variables to en_US.
3. I was in a webchat and whatever i wrote in had a strange behavior. sometimes being readable and sometims not. (when i wrote japanese). Here i have no clue as to why.

I use canna and kinput2 only.

bye bye and thank you.
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