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Re: man , initscripts

>>>>> "B0Ti" == B0Ti  <> writes:


    B0Ti>        update-rc.d automatically updates the System V style
    B0Ti> init script links /etc/rcrunlevel.d/NNname to scripts
    B0Ti> /etc/init.d/name.

Ah, I thought you wanted to configure runlevels.  update-rc.d is
slightly simpler than the `rm'/`ln -s' route, but AFAIK doesn't have
any wisdom about what priority to use.  What would be nice is a
program that understands Debian policy about priorities, and had say a
tab control for each runlevel with a checkbox for each available
service in the runlevel.  Hmm....  I need to do this, I think.

Thanks for the idea!

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