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Re: Re: Re: A Question about NFS

Thank you for your instruction. But I am a novice in using Linux. I don't know how to get the information about the version of the NFS. In stead, an expert from Redhat Company told me that I should install the enterprise kernel in Linux in order to support the NFS service with SGI. I did find such a kernel in my Linux 7.0 CD, but I cannot install it. The error message is that "The kernel is not for this architecture". Do you know what is wrong. The machine I use is a PMMX 166/32MB. However we have much more better PC than this one. 
>On Wed, Dec 06, 2000 at 06:12:36PM +0800, Caihong Yun wrote:
>> In fact, when I try to write big file (e.g. > 1Mb) to the Linux NFS directory,
>> the terminal seems dead
>Which version of the linux NFS server?  knfsd or the userspace daemon?
>In order of probability:
>* Bad knfsd.  Never trust knfsd.  Ever.
>* NFSv3 is being attempted.  NFSv3 does not work properly on Linux.
>* NFS packet length is nonstandard.  Try restricting size to 8192.
>* Network duplex issue.
>* Sunspots.
>-- Chris
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