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[announcement] 8/5 TLUG Akiba Tour & Extra Nomikai

          T L U G - Tokyo Linux Users Group                 

                 Akiba Tour & Extra Nomikai

TLUG regular nomikai meetings are held every 3rd Friday of even months
(the next will be on August 18). Extraordinarily this month, IN ADDITION
to the regular meeting there will be an extra nomikai on August 5 (Sat),
where Marcus Metzler will join us.

Marcus is a TLUG member, known in the Linux community for having written
with his brother the Linux BTTV driver for video capture, that was later
incorporated into the kernel distribution. He will be back in Japan for a short
stay, giving us an excuse to gather and have a beer together.

In the same day, TLUG own "Mr. Akihabara" Kinichi Kitano  will guide us
through Akihabara and show the best places to look for "designed for
Linux" parts and second-hand computers and peripherals.

1) Akihabara Tour
    Meeting place: Shosen Book Tower
                         foreign books section at the 2F
    Meeting time: 2:00PM

2) Extra Nomikai
    Meeting place: Ebisu Garden Place
                         next to the clock at the entrance pavillion (6 in this map)
    Meeting time: 6:30PM

    From there we will go to the beer hall "Festbrau" at B1/B2F  

    If you are coming, please put your name in this list so that we can
    place a reservation by Friday evening:

                            Akihabara Tour     Nomikai
1. Alberto Tomita       No             Yes
2. Simon Cozens        Yes            Yes
3. Marcus Metzler      No             Yes
4. Steve Turnbull        Yes            Yes.
5. Shimpei Yamashita    ?              Yes
6. your name here

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