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Re: Email Client With Support For Japanese Fonts

Antony Stace ( wrote:

> Can someone please tell me what a good email client is that supports
> Japanese fonts for reading and writing is.

Japanese-patched Mutt works  well (my weapon of choice), Pine 3.96 
with Japanese patches works reasonbly well, Xemacs has a at least one or two
mail client apps that work well in Japanese (I hear; I haven't used
them myself).   Later versions of Pine kinda-sorta support Japanese
as-is, it seems, but that it's sometimes kind of unstable.  Symptoms
I've noticed include getting its brain scrambled by some encodings
(probably SJIS) and turning to mush, only curable by exiting Pine and
restarting, and problems with editing previously entered Japanese
text without breaking the whole line (basically, if you want to edit
it, delete the whole line and re-type it).

Since the maintainer (Kikutani) of the Japanese Mutt patch has his
home page at Kondara, you might already have it.  If not, you can get
it here:

There's a link to an English translation at the top of the page; 
however, use the download links on the Japanese page, since they are
more up-to-date.  Other than that, the English instructions there are

Pine is almost certainly already in your distro, and I would imagine
Xemacs probably is, too.  There's also a thing called Ntool which is
graphical and seems like it might be good, although I haven't worked
with it much.  It comes with TurboLinux-J (at least).  You can get the
source RPM from
if you want to build it yourself.

Note that this has all the menus in Japanese, which you mention as
being a concern.


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