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Re: tlug: txt/html to gif/jpeg?

At 02:30 99/12/25 +0900, you wrote:
> Is there an easy way of converting a Japanese document 
> (text or html) to something (gif/jpeg?) that would be 
> readable by someone who doesn't have a Japanese-capable 
> environment (I suspect the recipient has a Mac that 
> doesn't do Japanese). 

>From LinuxPR:
   Open Japan releases version 2.0, source code 
   Dec 27th, 19:46 UTC 

   Source code of new version, with Japanese Input support,
   released under GPL. 

   Open Japan today released version 2.0 of their Japanese
   viewing system, which allows all browsers to view Japanese
   text on the web by using GIF images. This new release adds
   important new features to the previous 1.5 release. 

          Japanese Input support for katakana and hiragana 
          Additional WebTV support 
          Support for tags with Japanese text 

   Open Japan is also pleased to announce that the full perl
   source code to the system will be released under the GPL,
   or GNU Public License for those interested.

   The 2.0 release builds on the 1.5 release, which added support
   for frames, Unicode, and printing.

   You can visit Open Japan at

   Open Japan runs on Red Hat Linux.

   (Submitted by Dan B of Open Japan) 

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